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On this page are recommended offsite links providing further information on one of the selected topics of interest to Sylvia's clients.  We hope to add more information on this topic in the future, so check back regularly. 

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Optimal Fetal Positioning

· SpinningBabies.com
Avoiding a Cesarean with the 3 Principles of Spinning Babies and other great ideas  

· Optimal Fetal Positioning – Helping Your Baby Find A Good Position For Birth - From BellyBelly
Find out how you can help encourage your baby into the most ideal position possible.  

· Suboptimal Fetal Positions - from Ronnie Falcão's Midwife Archives
Many links to great information to avoid suboptimal fetal positions  

· Positioning Baby for Birth - From Babyworld
Getting your baby into the right position for birth could mean less pain, less intervention and even prevent a caesarean. This article looks at the most common problems with positioning and gives some top tips on what you can do to help.

· Using Optimal Foetal Positioning for Childbirth - By Shel Franco
From iParenting’s Pregnancy Channel

· Optimal Fetal Positioning - From Birth Angels
Believe it or not, all that
manual labor we have so successfully eradicated from our daily lives may be one of the best things for proper fetal positioning.  Includes pictures of positions for pregnant mom to help baby get in proper position for birth.

· Jill Cohen’s Review of Jean Sutton and Pauline Scott’s book:
Understanding and Teaching Optimal Foetal Positioning
“The way a baby is positioned in its mother's pelvis at term will have a major effect on labor and birth.” (Review published in Midwifery Today)

· Optimal Fetal Positioning - First published in Modern Midwife.
Mary Nolan discusses Jean Sutton's approach to childbirth.  

· Get Your Baby Lined Up! - From the Home Birth Reference Site
Avoid positions which encourage your baby to face your tummy.


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