How CST Helped Save My Baby

The following letter was sent to the staff of the Upledger Institute,
written by a Mom who discovered how CranioSacral Therapy (CST)
was the answer she’s been looking for to solve her baby’s symptoms of distress.
Published in the Upledger Institute’s E-News UpDate 10/17/06.

(Material courtesy of The Upledger Institute, Inc. Copyright 2006.)


Dear Upledger Institute,


At 18 months old, my mild-mannered baby started to throw horrid tantrums. He screamed. He cried. He slammed his head into everything from walls to floors.


It was heart-breaking as I geared up for what everyone called the “Terrible Twos.” But as time went on it got worse.


My son started grinding his teeth, whether he was awake or asleep. He began slamming his head into things when he wasn’t angry. Eventually he even preferred sleeping on the floor instead of in his own bed.


I researched everything I could find, from parenting styles to plagiocephaly to autism. I felt in my spirit there was more going on here than just a 2-year-old thing. But what?


Then the summer that my son turned 3, a nurse I was talking to on the phone overheard him in the background. When she asked about him I explained that everyone told me he would grow out of it.


But I also told her I had my suspicions that he had some kind of head pain. She concurred and suggested I try Tylenol to see if he’d calm down. And it worked!


This promptly landed me back in the pediatrician’s office. I asked for a referral to someone who could follow up on the head-pain question.


Fortunately, I’d already researched CranioSacral Therapy (CST). My nephew had been treated for torticollis using CST with remarkable success. So the pediatrician referred me to someone he felt comfortable with.


Five weeks ago we started seeing a pediatric chiropractor who does CST.


~ One appointment and my son stopped sleeping on the floor. He also seemed to have an attitude change.


~ Two appointments and he stopped grinding his teeth.


~ Three appointments and I’ve yet to see him slam his head like he used to.


~ Four appointments and everything is moving as it should, from his skull to his spine.


Now I’m in awe over the changes that I’ve seen in my son in just a few weeks. He even had symptoms of sensory integration disorder and those are almost gone, too.


Finally, I have my mild-mannered son back. Thank you!



Charalet Dunnigan



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